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Our toolkits aggregate various CGA-IGC resources and those from other stakeholders with the aim to support the  needs and interests of the multidisciplinary Hereditary GI Cancer community 

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Early Onset Colorectal  Cancer (eoCRC) Toolkit




Web resources


From the Archive: Insights on Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer

ASCO Post Podcast

Released July 2023

Apple Podcasts

Kimmie Ng from Dana Farber shares her insights on the rising rates of colorectal cancer among young adults.

In conversation with Swati G. Patel

The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology 

Released February 2022

Apple Podcasts

Swati G. Patel from Anschutz Medical Centre, UoC,  the rising tide of early-onset colorectal cancer: a comprehensive review of epidemiology, clinical features, biology, risk factors, prevention, and early detection

Colorectal cancer on the rise in younger adults

Mayo Clinic Q & A Podcast

Released March 2022

Apple Podcasts

Halena Gazelka interviews Jeremy Jones about the rise of colorectal cancer among younger adults.

Colon Cancer, Nuts, and Early Onset 

UCONN Health Pulse

Released March 2022

Apple Podcasts

Daniel Rosenburg discusses the connection between our gut microbiome, inflammation, and early onset colon cancer.

Investigating the rise of early-onset colorectal cancer

American Cancer Society Theory Lab

Released February 2021

Apple Podcasts

Peter Campbell shares data and hypotheses to explain the rise of colorectal cancer in young individuals, also addressing racial and ethnic colorectal cancer disparities.

Cancer Topics- Young Onset Colorectal Cancer

ASCO Education Podcast

Released July 2021

Apple Podcasts

Nilofer Azad and epidemiologist Caitlin Murphy discuss risk factors, screening and treatment for people diagnosed with colorectal cancer under the age of 50.

Speaking out on early-age onset colorectal cancer 

Cure Today - Cancer Horizons 

Released January 2020

Zsofia Stadler reviews sign and symptoms of early onset colorectal cancer and shares updates on colorectal screening guidelines.


Racial/Ethnic Differences Discovered in Multigene Germline Testing of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer

JCO After Hours Podcast 

Released July 2023

Apple Podcasts

Shannon West interviews  Andreana N. Holowatyj about her paper: “Clinical Multigene Panel Testing Identifies Racial and Ethnic Differences in Germline Pathogenic Variants Among Patients With Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer.”

Tackling the Increasing Incident of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer

ASCO Daily News 

Released November 2021

Apple Podcasts

Mohamed Salem discusses rise of early onset colorectal cancer and the impact of socioeconomic disparities on patient outcomes and potential interventions to improve detection.

Trust Your Gut

Baptist Health Podcast

Released March 2021

Apple Podcasts

Ron Landmann discusses MD Anderson Cancer Center and Borland Groover’s joint campaign to complete colon cancer screenings for Baptist Health employees and improve the screening rates for African-Americans in their community.


Patient Perspectives- Young Onset Colorectal Cancer 

Butts & Guts, a Cleveland Clinic Podcast 

Released November 2021

Apple Podcasts

Scott Steele, chair of colorectal surgery at Cleveland Clinic interviews patient Brittney Ferguson, his patient who was diagnosed with early onset rectal cancer at 37.

Cleveland Clinic’s Center for young-Onset Colorectal Cancer

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Advances

Released December 2021

Apple Podcasts

Suneel Kamath, a hematologist and medical oncologist at Cleveland Clinic discusses how the Center for Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer was established, and how it allows comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to research, diagnosis and treatment of young onset colorectal cancer.

Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults

UFHealth MedEd Cast

Released March 2021

Apple Podcasts

Brian Ramnaraign discusses the clinical indications for screening colonoscopy in young adults.

Colorectal Cancer Under 50

Tabooty- Fight CRC Podcast

Released May 2020

Apple Podcasts

Michael, a colorectal cancer survivor, speaks about his experience, symptoms, emotions around diagnosis treatment, and in particular around ostomy, reversal and LARS.

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care for Patients with FAP

CGA-IGC Podcast 2019

Released December 2019

Kristin Zajo focuses on children and young adults with FAP and special considerations regarding management and transitioning from pediatric to adult care.


Millennial? Gen Z? It might be time for colorectal cancer screening 

NPR Life Kit

Released August 2023

Apple Podcasts

Marielle Segarra discusses rise of colorectal cancer among young people.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Tabooty- Fight CRC Podcast

Released October 2018

Apple Podcasts

Interview with Serena Talcott Baughman about preimplantation genetic testing.

Ostomy Care with Joanna Burgess

Tabooty- Fight CRC Podcast

Released March 2018

Apple Podcasts

Joanna Burgess, wound, ostomy and continence nurse, answers common questions people about ostomy.

In conversation with Molly McMaster Morgoslepov, 

AliveAndKickn podcast

Released June 2021

Apple Podcasts

Molly McMaster Morgoslepov survived colon cancer in her 20s and went on to become a patient advocate for others who face the same diagnosis.

Talking to Kids About Cancer 

Fight CRC Tabooty Podcast

Released July 2021

Apple Podcasts
 Jaime Bruce shares tips and suggestions on how to talk with kids about cancer.

Delphi Initiative for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer (DIRECt), an interview with Swati G. Patel, Giulia Cavestro, Alessandro Mannucci, & Marta Puzzono taking a closer look at the #eoCRC initiative and the work of the DIRECt group.  Released March 2023.

CGA-IGC 2022 Annual Meeting:

Released November 2022.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Andria Besser explains the current landscape of preimplantation genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes.

Oncofertility, Sukhkamal Campbell  provides education about fertility preservation prior to therapy initiation for females with early-onset cancer diagnoses.

Delphi Initiative Recommendations on Early Onset Colorectal Cancer (DIRECt), Giulia Martina Cavestro presents the work done by DIRECt.

CGA-IGC 2021 Annual Meeting:

The 2021 CGA-IGC virtual meeting featured a session on early-onset colorectal cancer. 

Released November 2021.

Epidemiology of eoCRC Caitlin Murphy

Genetics & Epigenetic Landscape of eoCRC, Andreana N. Holowatyj

Gut Microbiome in eoCRC, Phil Quirke

eoCRC in Pediatric Population, Surgical Perspective, Andrea Hayes-Jordan

CGA-IGC 2018-19 Webinar Series 1:

Elena Stoffel addresses the increasing incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer and reviews data regarding the genetic, lifestyle, and environmental causes and tumor biology of eoCRC

Released December 2019.


Series| Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer 

The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Delphi Initiative for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer (DIRECt) International Management Guidelines, covering the full spectrum of care. 

*Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Fight CRC eoCRC Workgroup, a global, multidisciplinary working group to explore sporadic early-onset colorectal cancer, or cancer in young adults that is not linked to an inherited or genetic predisposition.

Fight CRC Rally on eoCRC Research co-hosted by Jose Perea Garcia, CGA-IGC Meeting Planning Member, and Fight CRC.

Patient resources by Colon Club, patient advocacy group for eoCRC.

Epidemiology and biology of early onset colorectal cancer review summarizes the recent literature including risk factors for EO-CRC , differences in clinicopathologic presentation and outcomes in EO-CRC, and emerging evidence regarding the molecular pathways that are altered in EO-CRC compared with later onset CRC.

An Update on the Epidemiology, Molecular Characterization, Diagnosis, and Screening Strategies for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer  This review provides an update on EO-CRC with particular focus on epidemiology, molecular characterization, symptoms, and screening.

Early-onset colorectal cancer risk extends to second- and third-degree relatives, an article estimated the risk to first-, second-, and third-degree relatives of EO-CRC cases in the Utah Pedigree Database.

Epidemiology and Mechanisms of the Increasing Incidence of Colon and Rectal Cancers in Young Adults This review provides an overview on epidemiologic trends in CRC, data on genetic and non-genetic risk factors, and new approaches for determining CRC risk.

Calculating the Starting Age for Screening in Relatives of Patients With Colorectal Cancer Based on Data From Large Nationwide Data Sets  This articles provides risk-adapted recommendations on the starting age of CRC screening for individuals with different family histories.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Early-Onset and Average-Onset Colorectal Cancers

This article sought to determine if early-onset colorectal cancer is clinically or genomically distinct from average-onset colorectal cancer.

A Coordinated Clinical Center for Young Onset Colorectal Cancer

This article describes the lessons learned of the first 2 years at the Center for Young Onset Colorectal Cancer at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, including development of the program and specific services provided.

Abbreviated bibliography on key eoCRC resources.

Content reflects expert opinion at time of publication
*Journal credit: Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2023;21:581–603

Open Access - Published: December 19, 2022; DOI; License

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Last reviewed: March 2024


LGBTQI+ Toolkit




Web resources

Online learning

Creating Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Guidelines for Transgender Patients With BRCA MutationsBronwyn Bedrick, discusses this guidance statement, published in Obstretics & Gynecology.

Released March 2022

CGA-IGC Podcast S5EP1 

5 Pearls on Transgender Health - Episode 1 & Episode 2, the physician hosts of the CoreIM podcast provide a 2-part series on transgender healthcare services.  Released March & April 2020.

CoreIM podcasts

CGA-IGC 2022 Annual Meeting

Released November 2022.

Case Report: Non-Binary Patient with a Germline {CDH1} Pathogenic Variant: Counseling and Clinical Considerations, Megha Ranganathan highlights several themes, including the importance of confirming gender identity and pronouns, challenges associated
with coordination of care, and lack of non-binary specific medical training.

CGA-IGC 2022 Webinar Series 4 Caring for our LGBTQI+ Patients 

Sonali Paul, reviews the LGBTQI+ narrative illustrates that there are many social determinants of health based on discrimination that affect LGBTQI+ individuals and their health outcomes; routinely capturing sexual orientation and gender identity data can help improve the doctor-patient relationship and decrease health disparities. Released February 2022.

CGA-IGC 2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 CGA-IGC virtual meeting featured sessions on topics around treatment & care for LGBTQI+ patients. Released November 2021.

Gynecologic Cancer Risk-Reduction Considerations in Trans/Non-Binary Lynch Syndrome Patients, Iris Romero.

Advancing Health Equity Abstract Presentation I Management of a transgender male with Lynch syndromeLauren Gima.

The HRC Foundation  - works with health care facilities that are committed to providing inclusive care to their LGBTQ+ patients. Going beyond inclusive non-discrimination policies, these facilities are adopting best practices in the areas of LGBTQ+ patient care and support, employee policies and benefits, and LGBTQ+ patient and community engagement.

Fenway Health - links to Education & Training. Fenway Health exists to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhood, the LGBTQIA+ community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population.

National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center - features publications, archived webinars, demonstration videos, learning modules and more all available at no cost. CMEs are also available.

Clinical Care Options (CCO) - links to HCP-patient interaction video capturing best practices for the use of gender-neutral language for anatomy during cancer screenings for transgender patients.

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Last reviewed: March 2023

Research Toolkit



2024 CGA-IGC Research Committee Webinar

"Building Trust and Resources in Colorectal Cancer Research: Strategies for Community Engagement, Biospecimen Collection, and Addressing Disparities,"

 Mariana C. Stern, PhD from the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and Peter Lance, MD from the University of Arizona share their real-world experience in reducing barriers to participation in CRC research in underserved groups.  Read our communication committee member Ophir Gilad's webinar summary.

Released March 2024

2023 CGA-IGC Research Committee Webinar

"Improving Efficiency and Fidelity in Clinical Research: EHR data Capture and Building Structured RedCap Databases"

Have you ever been frustrated or confused about extracting data from the electronic health record or managing data for research studies? Learn more from our three speakers about the essentials of data management in this webinar!

Released July 2023

Last reviewed: March 2024

Reseach Toolkit
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