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Recognition of CGA-IGC members who have made a significant contribution to the society, through service, research, advocacy or education.


Fellowship applications for 2024 are now open and Fellows will be recognized at the awards ceremony before the 2024 CGA-IGC Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on November 13, 2024.

If you received a confirmation email from us, please pay your US$25 application fee here

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May 14, 2024:               Applications Open

June 21, 2024:               Deadline for Applications

July 8, 2024:                    Fellows Notified 

November 13, 2024:    Fellows Recognized at

                                          CGA-IGC Award Ceremony

CGA-IGC Fellowship Eligibility

Terms of Fellowship 

  • ≥ 5 years post training/fellowship.

  • ≥ 5 years active membership (does not have to be continuous).

  • Attended at least 3 CGA-IGC Annual Meetings (in-person or virtual).

  • Significant contributions to CGA-IGC’s mission through excellence in education, research, leadership, advocacy, or service.

  • Successful service on a CGA-IGC committee, CGA-IGC leadership, or equivalent.

  • Two letters of recommendation from current CGA-IGC members that attest to candidacy.

  1. The CGA-IGC Executive Council will review all Fellowship applications and those with a two-thirds majority vote will be inducted.

  2. Maintenance of CGA-IGC membership in good standing. Should membership lapse, fellows will be notified and failure to maintain membership may result in revoked fellowship designation or requirement to re-apply, at the discretion of the Executive Council.

  3. Evidence of ongoing contribution to CGA-IGC through committees, annual meeting attendance, participation in CGA-IGC events.

  4. Submission of required administrative application fee.

  5. Fellowship status may be revoked if there is misconduct, as outlined in Article V, section 2 of the bylaws.

CGA-IGC Fellows (CGAF) 

with photos click HERE

Melyssa Aronson, MS, CGAF  (2023)

Randall Brand, MD, CGAF (2022)

John Carethers, MD, MACP, CGAF (2022)

James Church, MD, CGAF (2022)

Ed Esplin, MD, PhD, CGAF (2022) 

Jill Genua, MD, CGAF (2022)

Heather Hampel, MS, CGC, CGAF (2022)

Fay Kastrinos, MD, CGAF (2023)

Sonia Kupfer, MD, CGAF (2022)

Elana Levinson, MS, MPH, CGC, CGAF  (2023)

Daniel Luba, MD, CGAF (2023)

Swati G. Patel, MD, MS, CGAF (2023)

Susan K. Peterson, PhD, MPH, CGAF (2022)

Elena Stofell, MD, MPH, CGAF (2022)

Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH, CGAF (2022)

Mattew Yurgelun, MD, CGAF  (2022)

Lisen H. Axell, MS, CGAF (2023)

Carol Burke, MD, CGAF (2022)

Anu Chittenden, MS, LGC, CGAF (2023)

Beth, Dudley Yurkovich, MS, MPH, CGC, CGAF (2022)

Steven Erdman, MD, CGAF (2022)

Michael Hall MD, MS, CGAF (2022)

Matthew Kalady, MD, CGAF (2022)

Bryson Katona, MD, PhD, CGAF (2022)

Brandie Leach, MS, LGC, CGAF (2022)

Jessica Long, MS, CGC, CGAF (2023)

Maureen Mork, MS, CGCCGAF (2022)

Rachel Pearlman, MS, CGC, CGAF (2022)

Michelle Springer, MS, CGCCGAF (2023)

Jessica Stoll, MS, CGC, CGAF (2022)

Paul E. Wise, MD, CGAF (2022)

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