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“How We Do It”: Programs Implemented to Maximize Workflows and Improve Patient Care."

Updated: May 30

Rita Matos, PhD - CGA-IGC Communications Committee

If you didn’t have the chance to join us for the final webinar of the year, you can now watch it on-demand but you must be a current CGA-IGC member.

Don’t miss the opportunity to better understand workflow optimization and enhanced patient care with our last enlightening webinar titled “How We Do It”: Programs Implemented to Maximize Workflows and Improve Patient Care."

We had the pleasure of hearing experiences from the TriHealth group in Cincinnati, Ohio, represented by Karen Huelsman, MS, CGC, and Benjamin Kuritzky, MD, along with three genetic counselors from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Sara Kane, MS, CGC, Megha Ranganathan, MS, CGC, and Amanda Catching, MS, CGC.

The webinar unfolded in two distinct segments. In the first part, insights were shared from the TriHealth Community Cancer Center, where we explored the Epic EMR workflow and its utilization in precision oncology, including examples demonstrating the importance of having an integrated genomics and genetics platform in EPIC. The discussion delved into current challenges and opportunities associated with implementing electronic medical records, as well as factors and crucial steps to consider for optimizing their implementation.

In the second part of the webinar, the Memorial Sloak Kettering team emphasized the importance of inclusive genetic testing models, including the MSK-IMPACT platform, that facilitate mosaicism assessment. Various clinical cases involving somatic mosaicism were presented, allowing us to better understand the associated benefits of exploring additional genetic testing strategies beyond standard germline analysis. The group concluded by emphasizing that somatic mosaicism is likely under-reported and additional testing strategies have the potential to better inform patients and their families with the most appropriate management recommendations.

Big thanks to our amazing speakers and moderators for generously contributing their time! Keep an eye out for updates on the CGA-IGC 2024 webinar series!


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