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Learn more about “Building Trust & Resources in CRC research: Strategies for Community Engagement, Biospecimen Collection, & Addressing Disparities”.

Updated: Apr 25

Ophir Gilad, MD - CGA-IGC Communications Committee

If you didn’t have the chance to join us for the second webinar of the year, or would like to view parts of it again, you can now watch it on-demand as a current CGA-IGC member. If you are not a member yet, you can join here.

In our second webinar of the 2024 series  Mariana C. Stern, PhD from the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and Peter Lance, MD from the University of Arizona share their real-world experience in reducing barriers to participation in CRC research in underserved groups. 

First, Dr. Stern reviewed CRC rates among the Hispanic/Latinx population and discussed screening practices and barriers to participation in cancer research in this group. She then presented their initiative to increase engagement of this underrepresented community in CRC genomic characterization studies. The workflow and optimization process they implemented were discussed, emphasizing values such as patient trust, satisfaction, and communication. She concluded by stressing the importance of partnering with the community and training liaisons to help disseminate knowledge and navigation for genetic testing.

Next, Dr. Lance started by sharing some of the lessons he learned from years of designing clinical trials and the importance of ancillary studies in the creation of biobanks and databases. He then continued by describing how he applied these principles in undertaking research in the underserved population of Native Americans in his region. Finally, he illustrated how they were able to incorporate Native American navigators to both increase rates of CRC screening and collect data for medical research in the Navajo community.

This webinar provides valuable information on how to engage underserved communities and increase uptake of screening, genetic testing and participation in research in underrepresented communities. 

Many thanks to our wonderful speakers and moderator for their time!

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and the productive discussion. Please join us for the next CGA-IGC webinar!


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