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"How We Do It": Expanding Genetic Services: 2024 Webinar series kicks off with a practical and informative talk.

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Zachariah H Foda, MD, PhD - CGA-IGC Communications Committee

Are you interested in learning how to expand genetic services in your practice? Do you want to hear from experts who have successfully implemented innovative strategies to increase access and follow-up for genetic testing?

If so, you can watch or rewatch the first webinar of the 2024 series, featuring Maria McGreevy MD, Ashley Hendershot DNP, Andrea Murad MS CGC, and Michelle Jacobs MS CGC.

In this webinar, titled "How We Do It": Expanding Genetic Services, you will hear from two teams of genetic professionals who have developed and refined their programs to meet the needs of their patients and communities.

First, Maria McGreevy, MD , and Ashley Hendershot, DNP , from the University of Rochester Medical Center shared their insights on how they used telemedicine, outreach and promotion, and collaborations with other institutions to raise awareness and improve access to genetic testing in their area. Dr. McGreevey discussed the unique community that they serve and the challenges and solutions for providing longitudinal follow-up for individuals with known pathogenic germline variants who require ongoing screening and surveillance. Dr. Hendershot recounted the obstacles brought up by the Covid pandemic, as well as the useful consequence of momentum for telemedicine. 

Next, Andrea Murad and Michelle Jacobs MS CGC from the University of Michigan described how they created a clinical service specifically for patients who need cascade testing for hereditary cancer syndromes. Ms. Jacobs explained the background and clinical challenge of cascade testing and the inception of their clinic. Ms. Murad used case examples to illustrate the benefits and outcomes of the Cascade Testing Clinic, specifically the switch to a virtual clinic in triggered by the pandemic.

This webinar provides practical and valuable information on how to expand genetic services using current technologies and how to ensure optimal care for individuals identified with genetic risks. It covered tips and advice that are applicable to any practice setting. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and enhance your skills.


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