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Controversies in Management of Gynecologic Cancer Risk for Lynch Syndrome: Focus on MSH6 and PMS2

Ophir Gilad, MD - CGA-IGC Communications Committee

In our fourth webinar of the 2024 series Emma C. Crosbie, PhD from the University of Manchester, and Noah D. Kauff, MD, FACOG from Northwell Health Cancer Institute discuss the challenges and controversies in gynecologic cancers in Lynch syndrome.   

Prof. Crosbie started off by reviewing the disparities of care between colorectal and endometrial cancer in Lynch syndrome and noted the lack of clinical guidelines and inconsistent care women with Lynch syndrome received. She then reviewed the recommendations from the Manchester consensus meeting on which endometrial cancer patients should be screened for Lynch syndrome and how. She concluded by reviewing surveillance and prevention measures for endometrial cancer in Lynch, including novel biomarkers that are being developed.  


Next, Dr. Kauff gave an overview on the ovarian cancer risk in each of the mismatch repair genes, highlighting the difference in histology and mortality of these cancers from that of the general population. He then continued to discuss the lack of evidence on effective of surveillance, and reviewed the different options for risk reduction for ovarian cancer by means of chemoprevention and risk-reducing surgery, noting the difference in recommendations between the various genes. Finally, he discussed the sequelae of risk-reducing surgery and the management of menopausal symptoms and complications.

This webinar provides valuable insights into the challenges Lynch syndrome patients and providers face and where current and future research is headed. 

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and the productive discussion. Many thanks to our wonderful speakers and moderator for their time!

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