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CGA-IGC & LA-GETH Collaboration - The 'Best of CGA-IGC & InSiGHT' Webinar!

Updated: Apr 15

CGA-IGC, in collaboration with LA-GETH, recently had the pleasure of presenting a wonderful webinar reviewing some of the highlights from the 2022 CGA-IGC Annual Conference and 2022 InSiGHT Meeting. As CGA-IGC continues to strengthen its partnership with LA-GETH, the webinar was presented in Spanish, with corresponding slides in English.

Listen to the webinar recording here, and click on the speaker's name to access the slides.

Daniel E. Pineda-Alvarez, MD, FACMG, kicked off the webinar by reviewing highlights from the InSiGHT 2022 Meeting. This biennial conference included key lectures on the current state of Lynch syndrome vaccines, consequences and knowledge gained from the discovery of the APC gene, the often-tricky management of desmoid disease, Lynch syndrome management based on genotype, and the importance of universal tumor screening and polyp histology in identifying hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes.

Moving on to highlights from the 2022 Annual CGA-IGC Conference, Nicolette Juliana Rodriguez, MD, MPH, discussed novel cascade testing methods. As the uptake of cascade testing for hereditary cancer syndromes is estimated to be 30% or less, recent studies have explored other approaches to potentially increase the uptake, including telephone and videoconferencing services and online initiatives.

Next up, Laura Valle, Ph. D. examined the role of polygenic risk scores in early-onset and familial colorectal cancer. While PRS does not appear to be as strongly associated with late-onset colorectal cancer, studies show that the accumulation of low-risk alleles accounts for a significant proportion of patients with familial and/or early-onset colorectal cancer.

Finally, Elena M. Stoffel, MD, MPH, reviewed data from the lively debate between Carol Burke, MD and Andrew Latchford, MD, exploring whether MUTYH pathogenic variant carriers should in fact be initiating colonoscopy screening at a younger age. The conclusion from the debate? MUTYH carriers appear to have no significant increase in colorectal cancer risk if the family history is negative. More research is needed, however, in non-European populations, and prospective trials are necessary to assess screening and surveillance findings.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our speakers for their time and a fantastic webinar! CGA-IGC looks forward to our ongoing collaborations and increased partnership with LA-GETH!


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