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What's new in Lynch Syndrome? Day 2 Hereditary Cancer Week 2023

Updated: Apr 15

Lynch syndrome is one of the most common inherited cancer syndromes, with an incidence of 1 in 279 in the United States. Significant progress has been made in identifying families who are at risk, yet it is estimated that 90% of individuals are still unaware that they have the condition. As colon and endometrial cancers are the most common cancers seen in Lynch syndrome, universal tumor screening, and genetic testing criteria have focused primarily on these two cancers.

Recently, the NCCN Guidelines made a significant change to the testing criteria for Lynch syndrome. Evaluation of Lynch syndrome is now recommended for individuals diagnosed with ANY Lynch-related cancer before the age of 50. These cancers include:

  1. Colon cancer

  2. Uterine cancer

  3. Gastric cancer

  4. Pancreatic cancer

  5. Urothelial cancer

  6. Brain cancer (often glioblastoma in Lynch)

  7. Biliary tract cancer

  8. Small intestinal cancer

  9. Sebaceous adenomas, sebaceous carcinomas and keratoacanthomas

This change in NCCN Guidelines marks a huge and exciting shift to increase awareness of all Lynch syndrome-related cancers. We look forward to broadening our collaborations with other specialties, such as dermatology, neurology, and urology, who will play a key role in increasing the identification of Lynch syndrome families!

Click here to watch Heather Hampel, MS, CGC, discuss the importance of the new NCCN guideline!

You can learn more about Lynch syndrome by visiting the following sites:

To find an inherited GI Cancer Genetics Clinic near you, check out the “Find a Clinic” page on the CGA-IGC website:


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