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Patients’ satisfaction w/Lynch syndrome providers-Interview w/2014 CGA-IGC Research Grant recipient!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Megha Ranganathan, MS, CGC

Vice Chair, CGA-IGC Communications Committee

What factors led to patient satisfaction after an educational interaction with a provider?

“In most cases, what they were looking for was the provider to just hear them and to have a better experience the next time.”

This episode is the first in a series featuring former CGA-IGC research grant recipients. The episode, hosted by Sarah McGee, Genetic Counselor at Cleveland Clinic and CGA-IGC Research Committee member, features Dr. Allison Burton-Chase, MD from the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Dr. Burton-Chase was the first recipient of the CGA-IGC research grant in 2014 for her work entitled “Factors Impacting the Decision of an Individual with Lynch Syndrome to Terminate a Health Care Provider Relationship”.

The episode explores her research into Lynch syndrome patient-provider relationships, communication, and transition. She discusses how one study published in 2018 found that about two-thirds of patients with Lynch syndrome reported engaging in at least one educational interaction with a provider. A follow-up study found that many providers did not respond positively to the educational interaction. The majority of patients who terminated their patient-provider relationships did so due to negative interactions, such as the provider having a lack of Lynch syndrome-specific knowledge or not being open to improving their knowledge on Lynch syndrome. She also explains the benefits of using social media as a recruiting method for her studies and how this has allowed for better representation of the Lynch syndrome population as a whole. Her current research efforts are investigating care coordination for Lynch syndrome patients.

Dr. Burton-Chase shares how the CGA-IGC research grant contributed to her professional development. “You can tell, almost a decade later, the way it has set up a series of successes for me and my students”, says Dr. Burton-Chase.

Listen to the podcast here

The 2023 CGA-IGC research grant applications are open and due August 22, 2023! CGA-IGC members in good standing are encouraged to apply. Details can be found here.

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