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What is the Future of the Field?

Dr Mohammad Abbass (first image below) kindly shared with us a summary of the last session of the 2022 InSiGHT Annual meeting which focused on the Future of the Field. He also participated as a speaker in this session addressing Taking action against risk modifiers of hereditary GI cancer syndromes.

The future of the field session focused on barriers to care when it comes to patients care. It addressed the concept of focusing on patients, community and health care system barriers. The session also discussed provider education efforts and focusing on improving provider education and experience in caring for patients with hereditary GI cancer. This was followed by a discussion about the cost effectiveness of population testing in diagnosis of these syndromes.

Dr Stanich presented some data addressing AI endoscopy in an effort to improve adenoma detection in all colonoscopies but especially in patients with lynch syndrome including flat adenomas. The session was concluded with a talk addressing implementation science when it comes to using genetic counseling extenders and chatbots in an effort to improve efficiency of testing and counseling.

Finally, Dr Ian Frayling concluded with the top 5 knowledge deficits and encouraged us on collaborating and using this patients derived data in a universal effort to produce high quality research and guidelines.

The 2024 InSiGHT Annual meeting will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

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