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Promoting international collaborations - CGA-IGC Ambassador Program

As everyone gets geared up for our annual meeting November 11-13th in the Music City, we’re thrilled to announce a new initiative: the CGA-IGC Ambassador Program.

This exciting program is aimed to strengthen the relationships, promote collaborations, and share resources between international organizations active in the #HereditaryGICancer field. .

To help move this effort forward, the CGA-IGC Executive Council has nominated Prof. Mev Dominguez-Valentin, PhD to serve as the inaugural CGA-IGC Ambassador to the European Hereditary Tumor Group (EHTG) and the Latin America Group of the Hereditary Tumors (LA-GETH). She is scientist at the Department of Tumor Biology of the Institute for Cancer Research from Oslo University Hospital, Norway.

Prof. Dominguez-Valentin is finishing her term as a CGA-IGC research committee member, where she has gained a unique insight into CGA's inner workings. She is the program director of EHTG and scientific advisor of LA-GETH. Her roles in these organizations make her perfectly suited to be an ambassador to these organizations. Her short bio can be found here.

The initial term of the ambassador is 3 years and during this period she will work closely with the CGA-IGC Council and the above mentioned hereditary cancer societies to set short- mid- and long-term goals for collaboration between the societies.

A few projects that she has already began working on include promoting CGA-IGC's Find A Clinic Tool to increase international clinic listings and a Spanish language webinar, in collaboration with the Education Committee.

We are thrilled to congratulate and welcome Dr. Dominguez-Valentin in this role!

We sincerely thank the leadership from our international partners for their willingness to engage with CGA-IGC in creating this platform to facilitate collaborations and build enduring partnerships to the benefit of the global #HereditaryGICancer community.

“The CGA-IGC Ambassador Program will strengthen our relationships with international hereditary cancer organizations. Each organization has unique strengths, and our collective and collaborative expertise will improve the care of patients with hereditary GI cancer syndromes around the world.

Swati G. Patel, President, CGA-IGC

“By becoming a CGA ambassador, I will strengthen the collaboration between CGA and

worldwide hereditary cancer societies. My goal is to foster partnerships to improve education, research, and patient care.”

Mev Dominguez Valentin, CGA-IGC Ambassador

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