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LGBTQI+ Toolkit - New Resource Available!

If you missed #CGAIGC22 or simply want to watch the presentation by Megha Ranganathan, MS, CGC again - Case Report: Non-Binary Patient with a Germline {CDH1} Pathogenic Variant: Counseling and Clinical Considerations.

Despite a growing population of non-binary patients, there is limited research on genetic counseling considerations in gender diverse populations with hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes.

Megha Ranganathan describes a 20-year-old non-binary individual (assigned female at birth) who underwent genetic counseling after identification of a germline CDH1 pathogenic variant (PV), c.283C>T (p.Gln95*).

Their case highlights several themes, including the importance of confirming gender identity and pronouns, challenges associated with coordination of care, and lack of non-binary specific medical training. More research and clinical guidance for hereditary cancer risk management of gender diverse individuals is needed across the spectrum of cancer predisposition syndromes.

Watch the presentation & explore the other resources in our LGBTQI+ Toolkit

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