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Your vote matters!

Nominating and voting privileges for Executive Council is one of the key CGA-IGC membership benefits and we're thrilled to announce that our members' vote has elected Cathryn Koptiuch MS, CGC; Elana Levinson MS, CGC and Greg Idos MD, MS to the CGA-IGC Executive Council.

Dr Swati G. Patel, CGA-IGC President commented "The greatest strength of our organization is in its members and leaders. I am in awe of the volunteerism at all levels, but especially exhibited at the top tier of leadership within the Executive Council. Our Council consists of talented people who really care about CGA-IGC's mission and are willing to dedicate time to providing strategic guidance and oversight. They ensure the ongoing financial stability of the organization, guide our committees' work, and set the overall strategic direction. Executive Council members set the tone of our society, and we’re delighted to know that CGA-IGC is in good hands moving forward."

Looking at 2023 and beyond - with best wishes to everyone as they commence their new term following #CGAIGC22

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