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Today we celebrate Genetic Counselor Awareness Day!

Updated: Apr 15

Today, November 9th, we celebrate Genetic Counselor Awareness Day. Occurring on the second Thursday of November each year, the purpose of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day is to raise awareness and interest in genetic counseling within healthcare institutions and local communities. The goal is to inform providers and patients alike about the role genetic counselors play on a healthcare team.

Genetic counselors are heavily involved in the care of patients and families with inherited gastrointestinal cancer syndromes. A patient may be referred to a genetic counselor due to a personal or family history of cancer and to discuss the possibility of an inherited cancer predisposition. A genetic counselor will explore the health history of the patient and their family, review cancer risks and screening recommendations based on family history alone, and discuss genetic testing options. Beyond providing education about inherited cancer syndromes, genetic counselors also help patients navigate the potential implications of genetic testing. Genetic counselors talk with patients about the possible emotional impact of receiving a positive genetic test result and how they might handle that news.. The genetic counselor and patient will walk through decision-making together, with the genetic counselor offering support and guidance as the patient considers whether or not to undergo genetic testing.

If an individual pursues genetic testing, oftentimes, a genetic counselor will be the one to disclose the results. If the genetic testing is positive, meaning that the person has a genetic mutation associated with increased cancer risk, this conversation could be difficult. The patient may be surprised or upset by the news of a positive result. No matter the reaction, a genetic counselor is there to provide empathy and support for the patient. Feelings surrounding genetic predisposition to cancer may change over time, and a genetic counselor remains available to patients and families as new questions and concerns arise.

Genetic counselors comprise a significant proportion of CGA-IGC membership. We are grateful for the support and care genetic counselors give our patients with inherited cancer syndromes. Patients require a healthcare team with many different specialists, and genetic counselors are valuable players on that team. Additionally, many genetic counselors conduct and contribute to research studies that aim to improve the care and lives of families with gastrointestinal cancers.

CGA-IGC supports genetic counselors in their efforts to obtain licensure in all states and gain reimbursement for the important clinical services they provide. Thank you to genetic counselors for everything that you do for our patients!

TODAY ONLY! On this occasion of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, we offer a 10% membership discount to genetic counselors who join us today. Use the code for the following plans and sign up!

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CGA-IGC and its members look forward to supporting you throughout your #HereditaryGICancer career journey!

Not a Genetic Counselor yet, but interested to learn more? Browse NSGC's site for resources about how to become a genetic counselor:

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