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Our latest podcast now available!

Episode 7 is now out!

"We showed that we can detect UGI cancer at an early stage, but the standard should be to prevent cancer".

This episode is hosted by Pooja Dharwadkar, M.D, assistant professor at the University of California San Francisco, and features a discussion between Carol Burke, M.D, codirector of the Hereditary Cancer Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic; Robert Hüneburg, M.D, gastroenterologist at the National Center for Hereditary Tumor Syndromes at University Hospital Bonn in Bonn, Germany; and Bryson Katona, M.D, director of the GI Cancer Genetics and Cancer Risk Evaluation programs at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

They discuss the benefits of upper GI cancer surveillance in Lynch syndrome – specifically as it applies to gastric cancer – and the studies that have contributed to recent updates in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network screening and surveillance guidelines for individuals with Lynch syndrome.

Listen to Episode 7 here and learn which scientific articles this episode references.

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