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Learn more from Fight CRC about knowing your family's medical history! Day 1 Hereditary Cancer Week

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is partnering with us to observe and honor #HereditaryCancer Week.

As part of their dedicated awareness campaign, they will generously provide valuable resources, including their

Genetics Brochure. This essential tool is designed to assist healthcare providers in equipping patients with a comprehensive understanding of their risk factors and available options. Within this brochure, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the evolving realm of genetic testing, including its efficacy and limitations, along with clear guidelines for its implementation.

Fight CRC will also be spotlighting inspiring stories of Champions like Joe Bullock. Joe, an advocate, climber, survivor, dedicated father, wolfpack leader, and unwavering beacon of hope for all those impacted by colorectal cancer.

In this episode of the Tabooty Podcast, Joe shares his remarkable journey, providing valuable insights from a survivor's perspective. His narrative sheds light on the crucial role genetics play in a colorectal cancer diagnosis and highlights the profound importance of raising awareness about family medical history.

Learn more about Fight CRC by visiting their website here


Learn more about the advocacy events in which Fight CRC and CGA-IGC participated in relation to Colorectal Cancer.

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