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Hereditary Live: case-based learning experience!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

We are excited to work with the Cleveland Clinic to co-sponsor Hereditary Live and offer this platform to the CGA-IGC community.

Learn from a CGA-IGC member, Lisen Axell, a Cancer Genetic Counselor at the University of Colorado, Denver, CO, why Hereditary Live is such a valuable resource for genetic counsellors and other members of the the #HereditaryGICancer community.

Hereditary Live is a great resource for reviewing rare cases with experts from other institutions.

For many of the indications we see in Hereditary Cancer Clinics, we may have only seen a few individuals with a particular indication. Hereditary Live is a way to ask experts and colleagues from other institutions, who may also have seen individuals with that indication, about their experience. It is valuable tool to expand our shared experience and knowledge about new genes, recommendations, and indications.“

Do you have a tough case you want to get feedback about?

We invite you to submit cases for discussion during one of the upcoming Hereditary Live case conferences.

Join us on October 27th and December 15th for a case-based learning experience.

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