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Education through Twitter Journal Clubs

After a successful Twitter Journal Club on May 10, 2022 with Dr. Bryson Katona and Jessica Long, MS, CGC, the Communications and Membership Committee is in the process of planning another Twitter Journal Club in October. Stay tuned for an announcements regarding the date/time via Twitter.

Want to participate in future Twitter Journal Clubs? Here’s a few tips on how to engage with @CGAIGC and other members on Twitter during the next journal club:

· Create a Twitter account if you do not have one.

o Pick a username that colleagues will easily be able to find if they’re looking to connect with you on Twitter.

o Add a professional headshot and brief bio to your profile.

· Follow @CGAIGC.

· Read the selected article in advance.

· Prepare questions and comments you have for the host in advance (maximum 140 characters per tweet).

· Be sure to log on to Twitter for the duration of the journal club to ask your questions and respond to others.

o Monitor comments in real time by searching for #CGAJOURNALCLUB and selecting the “Latest” tab.

o Include the journal club hashtag and the handle for the person/people you’d like to respond to your question or comment (if applicable).

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