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Mentorship is essential for both personal success and career satisfaction. We recognize that there are multiple definitions for success which may change throughout one’s career. Furthermore, we realize the importance of mentorship in helping one achieve their goals as one advances through their career. Our organization is filled with a diverse group of members composed of professionals from various backgrounds, regions, and at different career stages with unique goals and aspirations.

The mentorship program is a member benefit and it is our goal to pair a CGA mentor with a mentee based on fit and alignment of goals. In order to do this, we ask that you please complete the following survey that will help make a match based on your career stage, professional expertise, and mentorship/mentee goals (e.g. research, clinical, academic, work life balance, professional society engagement, diversity engagement, etc). We will periodically review submissions. 


Membership Committee

CGA-IGC Mentorship Form
How are you interested in participating in the mentorship program?
Whch of the following areas would you be able to provide mentorship for? Selet all that apply.
What type of mentor are you seeking? Select all that apply.

Thanks for submitting!

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