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Meet the 2023 Class of the CGA-IGC Fellowship!

Updated: Apr 15

We value our members and are constantly looking for ways to show appreciation for their continued contribution and loyalty.

The CGA-IGC Fellowship was initiated in 2022 to recognize CGA-IGC members who have made a significant contribution to the society, through service, research, advocacy, or education.

At the recent CGA-IGC Awards Ceremony held on October 25th, prior to our annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV, we recognized and celebrated the 2023 class of the CGA-IGC Fellowship.

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 class of the CGA-IGC fellows who have contributed not only to CGA-IGC but to the wider #HereditaryGICancer community.

Learn more about the CGA-IGC Fellowship Eligibility criteria, including who the inaugural class of the CGA-IGC Fellowship was here

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