The Collaborative Group of The Americas on Inherited Gastrointestinal Cancer (CGA-IGC) represents a multi-disciplinary society working to eliminate the morbidity and early mortality of hereditary gastrointestinal cancers. As such, the membership is a focused and potentially high-yield target for advertising research studies or products in this field. There is an opportunity to rent the email list of the CGA-IGC membership for one-time usage for distribution of an approved email. The rental of the email list should not be considered an endorsement of the contents of the email by the CGA-IGC. In addition, all rights to membership data are reserved and retained by the CGA-IGC.


If interested, please contact the CGA-IGC at cga@pacemedcom.com for further details.

Guidelines for Email Approval

1. A finalized version of the email to be distributed should be submitted at the time of the request. This should be clearly marked as a paid advertisement/announcement.


2. Final approval of emails will be at the discretion of the CGA Council and the right of refusal without need for specified cause is reserved.


  • Student: $25 for membership (then up to 3 free blasts if research related)

  • CGA-IGC member: Free if research related; any other $50 (for profit companies cannot use this)

  • CGA-IGC non-member: Research related $50, Other $250

  • Industry/for-profit company: $1000


Note: CGA-IGC members will have the opportunity to send one email blast annually on a research announcement/invitation.